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We are moving to a new location and our shop will not take any orders in the next few months. Once we settle our machine shop in the new place, we will start full operation of our business again.

Thank you and hope to see you in our store soon.

Senada & Tony

Privacy Screen | Decorative Panel Outdoor | Indoor Garden Fence Art




Each of their privacy screen patterns is unique and designed to aesthetically enhance any space it occupies. The patterns are created by their experienced design team, can be used in either residential or commercial spaces. Their panels are made of 2mm g steel coated with marine paint, they are modern and elegant. Privacy screes offer unique ways to section off spaces. Hide areas that require privacy, and create a sectioned area in your patio or backyard.


Unique pattern: they offer unique modern patterns
Laser-cut: laser cut panels are precision and high quality
Durability: the privacy screen is made of 2mm steel and coated with marine paint , which make the privacy screen sturdy, and durable.

Product Details
Product Type: Privacy Screen
Primary Material: Metal
Fence Design: Privacy
Pieces Included: 3 screens