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Hummingbird Metal Panel


SKU: 11948706954_4DDA,11948706954_Copper24'&#90DD8,11948706954_Gray15'&#39889B6,11948706954_Gray24'&#3920B03,11948706954_Silver15'&#A9AC3,11948706954_Silver24'&#279AB,11948706954_Black24'&#34A8FE,11948706954_Copper15'&#1D74E Category: Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,


2’x4’ Hummingbird metal inserts for many purposes. We do custom sizes. If you would like a different size please contact me for pricing.

We can design your beautiful work of art in several different sizes. Guaranteed that your sign will stand out and be a beautiful focal point.

Hummingbird Insert Cut out of high-quality steel and finished in our choice of colour. Hang on a wall, door or outside on a gate or fence. Have some fun with it and beautify your garden.

If you would like a custom colour that is not show below please contact me.