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Metal Art Iron Garden Gate with Birds and Flowers Wood Frame 4’x4′


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Our Metal Art & Iron Garden Gates are made of steel, which is very strong. Gate with wood frame are made from cedar 2”x4” and we use stain for wood or if customer prefers paint we do use paint. For the metal frames, we use HSS tubing and weld hinges and latch. All our panel are painted with marine paint, All Iron Garden gates have adjustable hinges what we make in our shop, and regular latch. We use steel to make our product last longer. For custom size and work please contact me.

Our Steel Privacy Metal Panels could be used as:
yard art
backyard privacy
metal art
metal screen
garden gates,
entry gates,
driveway gates,
privacy screens,
fence toppers,
wall art,
room dividers,

We can design your beautiful work of art in several different sizes. Guaranteed that your sign will stand out and be a beautiful focal point. Out limit is 10’x5′ in one piece.
Cut out of high-quality steel and finished in our choice of colour. Hang on a wall, door or outside on a gate or fence. Have some fun with it and beautify your garden.
If you would like a custom colour that is not shown below please contact me.
Proudly Made in Canada