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MetalCo offers a wide range of services, to meet all your metal manufacturing needs.


Ornamental gates add style and elegance to any entrance way or garden. They can also further enhance the privacy and security of your property. Using our unique fabrication process, MetalCo can build a customized entry gate that will meet your needs.

Constructed using durable galvanized steel, our ornamental entrance gates will provide you with many years of beauty and easy maintenance. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary design, we offer a diverse range of styles to suit your needs.


Decorate your trees, fence, or your garden with these wildlife accessories – stunning metal silhouettes of birds and other creatures.

These metal silhouette are durable and attractive examples of metal art.


Our metal decorative stair railings are built to last and feature intricate designs and patterns for every taste and style. Metal railings should be sturdy, feel good to the touch, and embody a look and feel that enhances the architectural design of your home.

Whether you require a simple or complex balcony railings or stair railing, we can create it. At Metal Co, we work with our clients to meet practical as well as design preferences for all types of metal railings.


Over the last 15 years, MetalCo has worked in the construction of ornamental metal fences. Our residential and commercial fence styles are made with galvanized steel that goes through rigorous cleaning and a coating of marine paint for a longer-lasting finish.

We do specialize in creating custom design styles. Our fences will help protect your property while giving it a luxurious and attractive look.


Adding steel planters with flowers or small trees to your garden, walkway, or front entrance is a beautiful way to beautify your outdoor space. Stainless steel planter boxes offer sensational appearance, and complement modern architecture and landscapes.

Stainless steel is a premiere metal we use in the manufacturing of planter boxes, and features exceptional anti-rust characteristics. Custom metal planter boxes can be built to your exact specifications in size, design, and material selection.


Steel is truly an amazing material that can be used to create landscape structures such as canopies and shades that are functional and elegant.

When it comes to the outdoors, buying a mass-produced steel gazebo from big box stores is typically a yearly investment. Our metal canopies and shades are custom built to reflect your style without structural tradeoffs. They will will stand in a harsh weather and you will enjoy every minute of being underneath one.


Our metal dividers and privacy screens are good-looking partitions that thoughtfully separates your space and gives you a privacy with its steel construction while bringing it together with its stylish design.

This unique pieces feature a cool, web-like design laser cut from thick-gauge steel with a scratch-resistant, marine paint coated finish. These beautiful pieces make an impact in any space, and suits homes of every style.


Sitting in front of an elegant custom built steel fire pit on your backyard on a starry night, or cuddling in front of fireplace with beautiful custom screen in you home on long winter nights are ones of life’s many pleasures.

Bring your ideas or dreams to us and we’ll create a solution that’s right for you.


Our range of wall panels and metal wall art designs are fantastic for changing up your space. Available in a range of patterns, or as picture panels featuring anything from flora and fauna, ornaments, scenery and much more.

Visit our online shop now to check out our current range of metal wall art and decorative wall panels.

Want something completely original or you have a design in mind that you’d like to bring to life? Give us a call and we are happy to turn your inspiration into a beautiful wall art or panel.


Iron ceiling elements add a dimensional feeling and exceptional style to any space. From chandelier and ceiling fan medallions to coffered ceiling inserts , you can add your own decorative touch to just about anywhere with our metal ceilings elements.

You can choose from our selection of designs, shapes, and sizes or you can simply bring your design idea to us and we’d be happy to make you a custom piece.