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We are moving to a new location and our shop will not take any orders in the next few months. Once we settle our machine shop in the new place, we will start full operation of our business again.

Thank you and hope to see you in our store soon.

Senada & Tony

Pedestrian Gate, Garden Gate, Gate With Trees, Garden Door, Pedestrian Door3’x 5′


Protect your garden from stray animals and hawkers by getting this elegantly designed stunning garden gate. This gate has a traditional pattern and thus will add a vintage …


Our panels and driveway gates are made of steel, which is very strong, gates 4and under are made from Ga 14, and gates 4 and up are made from GA 12. Driveway Gates with wood frames are made from cedar 2×4 and we use stain for wood or if customers prefer paint we do use paint. For the metal frames, we use HSS tubing and weld

Our gates can be made with either metal frames, or cedarwood frames stained in your choice or color. The gates come with hinges and a latch.

Our steel panels can be used as:
yard art
metal wall art
garden gates
entry gates
driveway gates
privacy screens
fence toppers
room dividers

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via Etsy or at

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Dimensions36 × 60 in